Tapflo Fluid Handling India Private Limited


Electric mixers

Model Version Services
DMT Fast mixer < 1000l tank liquid < 250 cps
DMM Fast mixer < 1000l tank liquid < 250 cps
DEM Fast mixer < 3000l tank liquid < 1000 cps
DRV Slow mixer < 7000l tank liquid < 2500 cps
DRC Slow mixer < 40000l tank liquid < 5000 cps

Type DMT i type DMM

High speed mixers directly coupled to the motor, for small tanks up to 1000 litres capacity, with polypropylene coated shaft and propeller.

Type DEM

High speed mixers, directly coupled to the motor, supported by a protection lantern, housing an extra bearing kit, for increased shaft stability, and an extra seals kit, for increased protection from the mixed chemical.

Type DRV

Slow speed mixers for light applications, with close coupled worm wheel/endless screw reduction gear box.

Type DRC

Heavy duty slow speed mixers with co-axial reducer, outrigger bearings and protective seals.