Tapflo Fluid Handling India Private Limited


In-line Blending System



  • Precise blending by the pre-defined recipes bringing savings on the ingredients consumption.
  • Immediate operation gives homogenous and stable in time liquid.
  • Brings energy, time, and space savings (compared to other blending methods).
  • Continuous or batch supply of the final product allows precise planning of the production.
  • Constant tracing and recording of operation parameters.
  • Local or remote control over the Unit.
  • Energy-efficient and reduce the total cost of the final product.
  • Blending mode allowing precise dilution of the highly viscous liquids
  • Tank management mode bringing flexibility to the production, allowing automatic switching between the final product storage tanks, indicating when the supply tanks are to be filled or exchanged.
  • Flexibility and continuity of production.


Examples of final products: Bleach variants, Thick Bleach, Fabric Softeners, Shampoos and Hair Conditioners, Liquid Soap, Cosmetics like body lotions, Perfumed Body Sprays, Hand Sanitizers, Car cosmetics, or Flavoring Agents.

Dilution applications: Surfactants (for example SLES) solutions, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solutions, Ammonia Water solutions, Acids solutions, Alkaline solutions, Solvent Mixtures, Adhesives solutions.


Dosing, mixing and dilution!

Achieving precise ingredient blending for the desired end product, while maintaining strict proportions, accuracy, and sequence, poses a formidable challenge for industrial manufacturers.

The In-line Blending System was created exactly for this application. It makes the production automatic, produces exactly by the recipe, and requires no human work. It is precise and it records every operation.

The In-line Blending System is based on the machine used to dilute thick liquids, like SLES. However, it was designed in a modular way. Thanks to that, we can easily configure the system to the actual needs for production. The ingredients of the final product can be supplied from various types of tanks.

Implementing our solution brings significant reduction of your production time and costs, while fully automating the operations. This allows to scale up production capacity, increase the profits, and remain – or potentially elevate - the final product quality.