Tapflo Fluid Handling India Private Limited


CTI Industrial pumps


Technical data

Model Motor power
Motor size 
CTI AA-03 0.37 71
CTI AA-05 0.55 71
CTI BB-07 0.75 80
CTI CC-15 1.5 90
CTI CC-22 2.2 90
CTI CE-22 2.2 90
CTI DD-40 4.0 112
CTI DF-40 4.0 112
CTI DF-60*** 6.0 112
CTI DG-60*** 6.0 112
CTI EF-55 5.5 132
CTI EG-55 5.5 132
CTI EF-75 7.5 132
CTI EG-75 7.5 132
CTI AA-024 0.25 71
CTI BB-054 0.55 80
CTI CC-114 1.1 90
CTI CE-114 1.1 90
CTI DD-224 2.2 100
CTI DF-224 2.2 100
CTI DG-224 2.2 100

*Special motor with increased power. Not available in EX-proof (ATEX) version

The CT pumps are open or semi open impeller single stage centrifugal pumps. They are manufactured in high finish and mechanically strong material - AISI 316L stainless steel. The pump range meets the demands from a variety of today’s industries. Having said that, CT is still available at a very appealing price level.

The industrial series CTI is designed with glass blasted pump casing. A variety of connection types, mechanical seal options and other executions are available to satisfy most industrial duties.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple design
  • Few parts
  • Open impeller
  • High grade materials
  • Multiple options
  • Compact design
  • High capacity
  • Competitive price
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Solids handling
  • Good quality/cost ratio
  • Wide range of applications


Chemical & pharma
Transport of chemicals from storage tanks, containers and baths, for example in degreasing. Handling of waste products.

Water treatment
Pumping samples, dosing acids and alkalis for pH-control. Transfer of flocculent, suspensions, chemical reagents and sludges. Pumps are resistant to even most agresive chemicals.