Tapflo Fluid Handling India Private Limited


PDP series. SDI type

Model Max capacity [lt/h] Max pressure [barg]
SD I 175 390 14
SD I 250 1264 14
SD I 350 4028 14
APSD I 175 231 40
APSD I 250 711 80
APSG I 350 1496 56

Positive displacement sandwich hydraulic diaphragm dosing pump

Positive displacement plunger dosing pump

„SDI” Series - Sandwich Hydraulic diaphragm dosing pumps comply with mechanical and performance API 675 standards. Furthermore they comply with ATEX standard, therefore they can be installed in hazardous area.

Mechanism is an internal worm gear, fully oil bath lubricated with possibility to be coupled with others independently from the size and stroke number to obtain multi-heads unit.

Stroke adjustment can be carried with the pump at rest or in operation and it can be manual or automatic through automatic actuator driven by 4-20 mA; different BUS; pneumatic.

Accuracy within ± 1% within 10-100% of rated capacity.

A built-in safety valve is installed in the hydraulic circuit, in order to protect the diaphragm against over pressure. The peculiarity of this pump is the special sandwich diaphragm and the reliability of the diaphragm rupture detection system.


  • Relief valves and back pressure valves
  • Safety relief valve
  • Injection valve
  • Foot valve
  • Pulsation dampeners
  • Calibration pot