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New DT series pulsation dampeners

The active pulsation dampener is the most efficient way to remove pressure variations on the discharge of the pump.

The Tapflo pulsation dampener works actively with compressed air and a diaphragm, automatically setting the correct pressure to minimize the pulsations.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimized vibrations and water hammer effects
  • Protection of all kinds of instruments in your pipe system
  • Optimized pump performance and reduced maintenance costs


Pulsation Dampeners

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How it works

The air pressure supplied to the dampener is the same as the one supplied to the pump. The medium flowing through the dampener affects the diaphragm, which by means of the compressed air on the air side compensates the fluctuations of pressure in the discharge line. The air concen­trated in the dampeners block works as a spring for the medium flowing through the dampener.



Pulsation Dampeners

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Pulsation Dampeners


DT Pulsation dampener IOM

DT Pulsation dampener


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