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The CTH series is dedicated for hygienic duties mainly within food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. With casing and impeller in <0.8 Ra electro polished stainless steel AISI 316L, draining possibilites and hygienic shroud option it meets the demands of clean ability and high finish. Elastomers are approved according to FDA article177.2600.



CTH hygienic Pumps

Various sealing materials
Standard single mechanical seal provides a wide range of seal face materials – ceramic, graphite, SiC and o-rings inFDA approved EPDM or FEP.

Insensitive for solids
The open impeller is insensitive for solids (max 6 mm). Semi open impeller for heavy duty applications is available as option.

Hygienic connections
Hygienic connections DIN 11851 (thread) are standard on the CTH series. It is also available with clamp connections (DIN or ISO), SMS or RJT threads.


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Pump range

With 2900 rpm motor:

CTH AA-03    7 m3/h, 10 m
CTH AA-05    12 m3/h, 10 m
CTH BB-07    17 m3/h, 11 m
CTH CC-15    19 m3/h, 22 m
CTH CC-22    34 m3/h, 22 m
CTH CE-22    20 m3/h, 31 m
CTH DD-40    50 m3/h, 22 m
CTH DF-40    28 m3/h, 35 m
CTH EF-55    42 m3/h, 35 m
CTH EG-55    30 m3/h, 47 m
CTH EF-75    60 m3/h, 35 m
CTH EG-75    35 m3/h, 47 m

With 1450 rpm motor:

CTH AA-024    7 m3/h, 2.7 m
CTH BB-054    9 m3/h, 2.8 m
CTH CC-114    18 m3/h, 5.5 m
CTH CE-114    22 m3/h, 7.7 m
CTH DD-224    25 m3/h, 5.5 m
CTH DF-224    34 m3/h, 8.7 m
CTH DG-224    42 m3/h, 12.0 m

Heating jacket
Great protection for the mechanical seal in cases where there is a risk for solidification of the product. The heating jacket is also used when the pumped product has to maintain a specific temperature, high or low. A heating or cooling medium is continuously circulated in the jacket. Chocolate glaze, paraffin, starch, glucose syrup, margarine and eatable oil are some application examples.

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Hygienic shroud

The hygienic motor shroud in polished AISI 316L protects the motor from spraying water. 


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Casing drainage
By positioning the outlet horizontal at the bottom, the pump features a hygienic and automatic draining.

Long coupled excecution
The perfect solution when pumping hot products like eatable oil. Complete pump unit mounted on baseplate, with coupling and guard.



CTH hygienic Pumps

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CTH hygienic Pumps


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CTH hygienic Pumps

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CTH hygienic Pumps


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