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MKP-Bio - Stainless steel magnetic drive centrifugal pump for sterile processes



MKP-Bio Pumps


The developed series MKP-Bio offers you an excellent solution for the aseptic application in the pharmaceutical, biotec and food industrie.

The pump has been developed and designed according to the EHEDG recommendations and takes in to account VDMA 24432 und EN 12462 standards.

Key features

  • Hermetically tight and dead space free pump for aseptic processes in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industry
  • Design pressure PN 16 allows wide application range
  • Complies with 3A-, VDMA 24432 and EN 12462-requirements
  • CIP- und SIP-capable, EHEDG-tested
  • Pump can be dismantled without use of tools for validation purposes
  • Vertical arrangement makes filling and emptying possible without need for additional connections
  • All inside surfaces with max. Ra 0,8 roughness
  • Concept tolerates solid particles in pumped fluids
  • Compact in design, the MKP-Bio pump has no dead areas and its interior is constructed with just a few, robust components
  • Height-adjustable pump tripod allows simple adaptation and levelling on inclinated floors
  • Pump support legs with damping elements allow abandonment of dampers in piping
  • Different suction- and discharge flange connection available
  • Vast selection of materials of construction starting from high-alloyed stainless steels, nickel and nickel basis alloys to other special alloys
  • Manifold accesories for different requirements available


Технические характеристики

- Max capacity: 60 м3/ч
- Max head: 80 м
- Temperature: -20°C до +150°C
- Nominal pressure: PN16
- Standards: EN 12462, VDMA 24432, EHEDG
- Material: Stainless steel 316L S / S., Hast. C22, Alloy 59, other materials on request


UA pic MKP Bio 002



Performance graph: pump head 50 Hz

MKP-Bio RangeCurves 50Hz 11A0 Rev02



Dimensions: МКР-Bio pumps on angled tripod

Dimensions: МКР-Bio pumps on tripod

Dimensions: МКР-Bio pums without  stand

DimensionalDrawing MKP-Bio I-04 AngleStand 11G5 Rev03

DimensionalDrawing MKP-Bio I-04 TripodStand 11G10 Rev03

DimensionalDrawing MKP-Bio I-04 WithoutStool 11G15 Rev03

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